Charles Vincent

Technical and studio notes

traferring an image to canvas with tracing paper

Paintings on canvas are prepared to best practice archival standards.

Sealing the base coats

Canvas is gessoed, and isolated from the paint layer to prevent Support Induced Discolouration using GAC 100. This process also isolates any graphite used to transfer the base image.

varnishing wearing a NIOSH mask

The finished paintings are all given coats of isolation Soft Gel Gloss, and then varnished with Mineral Spirit Acrylic Varnish, consolidates the image into a uniform sheen of the desired quality, whether matte or gloss. It also protects against dust, grime, and UV light, and would be be removable in future should the painting ever require complete cleaning and re-varnishing.

Paintings in frames

The varnished paintings on canvas are displayed in custom built painted wood frames made by the artist. Work on paper is usually displayed in drop shadow box-style frames.

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