Charles Vincent

Selected Discography and Music:

record and CDs as Chaz Vincent

records and CDs as Chaz Vincent
Covers designed by: g. derva - matt huber/easy - entity/negastor - planet e

as Chaz Vincent - licensed to vinyl:

Planet E - Chaz Vincent - Dream Zenith EP

Dream Zenith EP
Produced by Carl Craig and Chaz Vincent

planet e - catalog # PE65236
(also white label promo as Chas. Vincent PE 65236)
1998 - Detroit, USA

review from 1998 XLR8R reporduced here:

and here is the first track as posted by planet e:

geology a subjective study of planet e volume 2

Planet E - with Chaz Vincent - geology two LP record

also appearing:
Common Factor - Carl Craig - Russ Gabriel - Innerzone Orchestra

planet e - catalog # pe65261
2000 - Detroit, USA

John Peel playlist

Human Powered Flight on John Peel - BBC tracklisting

as Chaz Vincent - licensed to CD:

Carl Craig presents House Party 013.
by DJ Peter Anthony

Nextera House Party CD

sleeve designer: entity

Nextera - catalog# 9911-2
1999 - Czech Republic

geology a subjective study of planet e volume 2

geology 2 cd

sleeve designer: easy

planet e - catalog# PLE 65257
2000 - Detroit, USA

adam x - on the one and two

Adam X on the one and two CD

sleeve design photos: g. derva

also appearing:
Adam X - VEX - Keynotes - Audio Spectrum - G-Man - Cristian Vogel - The Mover - Galactica - Genie - Frankie Bones - Beroshima - Malaria! vs. Chicks on Speed - Chris McCormack - Icarus - DHS - Kevin Saunderson - Read Truth - Front 242 - Directional Force - A Split-Second

Instinct Records - catalog# INS561-2
2001 - New York, USA


selected music videos:

The Brain Show - The Gift

With Galen Curnoe - Owen Curnoe - Mark Favro
Video: Owen Curnoe and the Brain Show

Infogasmic - Electronic Mermaid

music: Charles Vincent
video: Charles Vincent and Owen Curnoe

Imagine The City!

music: Charles Vincent
video: Charles Vincent

see "Imagine the City!" on seperate section of this site
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selected cassettes:

Anthropomorphics - Chunk of Lead
with Owen Curnoe and Andrea Thompson

Chunk of Lead cassette

photgraphy: Steve MacDonald - design: Charles Vincent

1988 - London, Canada

Anthropomorphics - The Flying Guillotines
with Owen Curnoe and Mark Favro

Flying Guillotines cassette

sleve: Charles Vincent - inner: Owen Curnoe

1989 - London, Canada

Anthropomorphics - 14 Automatics
with Owen Curnoe and Mark Favro

Chunk of Lead cassette

design: Owen Curnoe

1990 - London, Canada

Luvsonic - Luvsonic - 1991

Luvsonic cassette

design: Charles Vincent

1991 - London, Canada

Infogasmic - Inhuman Beats - 1992

Inhuman Beats cassette

design: Charles Vincent

1992 - London, Canada

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