Charles Vincent Profile

by Beth Stewart
ArtSCAPE Magazine
London, Canada May 2007

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Charles Vincent

"Three Hours” (detail) by Charles Vincent, pencil on paper, 23.5 x 18 inches, 2005.

Charles Vincent is an artist who paints, draws and sculpts with equal vigor. He works with acrylic on canvas using a combination of glaze and opaque techniques, watercolour and pencil on paper, and with found and other materials in his mixed media sculpture.

Vincent describes his work as: “The uneasy marriage of romantic beauty to the bleak contemporary.” He has a keen sense of composition and wonderful control of line.

“My work shows ideas about beauty, but in ways that I hope are fresh and thought provoking,” Vincent reveals.

A recent exhibit Hours and Other Measures held at The Art Exchange drew inspiration from the mythological and scientific concepts of time. It was concerned with measuring, seeing and watching. Several of his figures split into multiple selves, indicating change and the passage of time.

Visit Charles Vincent on line at www.charlesvincent.ca.

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